Types of Tanning Beds: Residential versus Commercial

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Types of Tanning Beds: Residential versus Commercial

There are two types of tanning bed categories: residential and commercial. The type that you need in your home will greatly vary based on your tanning bed needs. Each are quite different, so let's take a look at what makes both unique from the other type. 

  • Commercial – If you plan on having clients in a steady stream coming in and using your tanning bed, then a commercial option is your best choice. These types of tanning beds are specifically designed for extended use and can be operated for hours at a time. Also, a commercial bed will be able to handle a variety of customers with different body types. As a more professional solution for tanning, commercial beds use a completely different system of heating than beds designed for residential usage. In fact, where you'll find fewer lamps on a residential model, commercial models have a tendency to have 24 lamps or greater because this helps the tanning bed achieve an even level of heat much faster.

These beds also use a magnetic ballast system that is more of a professional-grade solution because it causes the bed to generate more even, yet higher levels of heat. As a result, steel is often used for this commercial beds and the combination of the magnetic ballast system and the steel construction means that commercial-grade beds are usually much heavier, which means that you won't be moving them around your home much. 

  • Residential – Residential beds, on the other hand, are designed to be a bit more moveable so that you can arrange your bed where you'd like it within your living space. Whereas a commercial tanning bed can weigh upwards of 500 pounds, a residential bed may weigh 200 pounds or less.


Additionally, a residential tanning bed doesn't use a commercial-grade heating system and thusly will require fewer lamps, power, and materials. The system of heating for most residential models is a low-heat electronic ballast system. Despite the lower heat and less overall lamps, a residential bed will do a good job at staying cooler during usage and will also utilize higher tech solutions to help you achieve a darker tan at a quicker pace.

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