Solar Storm Tanning Beds Buying Guide

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The Solar Storm Tanning Bed Buyers Guide details the key differentiating features of each tanning bed to educate our customers and support them in making an appropriate decision that meet their personal needs and exceeds expectations. 

We started in 2011 and are an authorized Solar Storm dealer. We offer the full line of both residential and commercial Solar Storm tanning beds to ensure our customers have access to the widest variety of options available. Every Solar Storm tanning bed or booth offers a number of features and benefits for a discerning buyers consideration. 

If you're considering a Solar Storm tanning bed we hope this buyers guide helps in identifying the key differences between each system. If you have additional questions or need further assistance choosing the perfect tanning bed please feel free to reach out to our knowledgable customer service team. Our staff is not paid on commission and will only benefit when you are 100% satisfied with the service and support you receive. We always seek exceed your expectations and hope you'll never hesitate to email or chat with us!   

Solar Storm 24S 110v Tanning Bed

Utilizing Wolff lamps, the Solar Storm 24S also has six SunFusion lamps for your face and an additional six high output lamps for the face and arms. As a result, you'll be able to quickly and evenly tan at the level of commercial tanning systems. The tanning surface of the Solar Storm 24S is 30 percent larger, which is another feature that ensures an even, total body tan, all in the comfort of your home.

Solar Storm 24R 220v Tanning Bed

This version of the Solar Storm 24R utilizes a 220-volt dedicated circuit design but features many of the excellent attributes of the other version. These include 12 standard Wolff lamps, which are of exceptional quality, an additional 12 SunFusion lamps that are great for achieving excellent tanning results on both your face and your arms. Both models are very sturdy; they are constructed of aluminum and have a beautiful design that will fit most homes.

Solar Storm 24C 220v Commercial Tanning Bed

When you need the quality performance of the Solar Storm 24C, but want to use it in a more professional level of usage, the commercial version is your best bet. Utilizing a combination of 24 lamps that mix SunFusion, red visible light, and Wolff lamp technology, the commercial version of the 24 will ensure that your clients will be able to quickly tan in luxury.

Solar Storm 32C Commercial Tanning Bed (220v)

For those who want an even more efficient tanning experience for their clients, the Solar Storm 32C provides a one-of-a-kind level of performance. This bed uses 16 Wolff lamps and an additional 16 SunFusion high output lamps for the face and the arms. This is a great bed to provide your clients a nice golden tan in very little time. 

Solar Storm 32R Residential Tanning Bed (220v)

The residential version of the Solar Storm 32 has a high degree of functionality for those looking for a quick and easy tan that will provide the required vitamin D. It uses 32 lamps that provide a high level of coverage so that you can tan comfortably in your own home. Additionally, this bed has an excellent cooling system that is perfect for keeping you comfortable.

Solar Storm 36ST Booth

Another Wolff lamp-equipped Solar Storm model, this booth provides a stand-up experience for tanners and uses 36 lamps so that there is a very even, high-quality tan. You can expect a commercial level of experience in your home with the 36ST booth and because it stands up, there's less of a space requirement.

Solar Storm 48ST Booth

The Wolff lamps in the 48ST are amazing at delivering a quality tan. Each of the 48 lamps is designed to deliver 160 watts of output. This is also the largest tanning surfaced bed currently on the market, which is why this is such an effective machine. Like the 36ST, this Solar Storm product is a booth, so if space is an issue, this is a great option, and a great tan only takes ten minutes!

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