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We've created this ESB Tanning Bed Buyers Guide to detail the key differentiating features of each tanning bed to educate our customers and support them in making an appropriate decision that meet their personal needs and exceeds expectations. 

We started in 2011 and are an authorized ESB dealer. We offer the full line of ESB tanning beds to ensure our customers have access to the widest variety of options available. Every ESB tanning bed offers some excellent features and unique benefits for those seeking the benefits of light therapy, some extra Vitamin D or just beautiful golden brown skin!

If you're considering a residential tanning bed we hope this buyers guide helps. If you have additional questions or need further assistance choosing the perfect tanning bed please feel free to reach out to our knowledgable customer service team. Our staff is not paid on commission and will only benefit when you are 100% satisfied with the service and support you receive. We always seek exceed your expectations and hope you'll never hesitate to email or chat with us!   

The Elite 10 Stand Up

Sometimes you don't have space for a full-fledged tanning bed. In this situation, you can use this stand-up tanning system that neatly is stored over a door and can be plugged into a nearby outlet. It only takes about 10 minutes to quickly tan on each side, and the flat form factor means that you'll not have to set aside a lot of space for this home tanning unit. The Elite 10 Stand Up by ESB is a great example how home tanning beds can be effective and somewhat portable as well.

The Avalon 16

One of the best features of ESB tanning systems is the fact that they utilize Green Energy Technology, which means that the Avalon 16 won't cost much to operate per session. Additionally, there is less overall heat, so sessions will be much more comfortable. Aesthetically, the pacifica blue and silver trim finish really makes this tanning bed look very attractive. Also, when it comes to function, this bed provides a great, all-around tan due to its lamps that work on your arms and face evenly. The Avalon 16 uses 16 bulbs.

The Avalon 20

The 20-bulb Avalon 20 has the same aesthetic design as the 16 with the added tanning power of more bulbs. The digital timer on this tanning bed is very accurate and will ensure that you aren't spending more time on the bed than is recommended by the FDA. Similarly to all of the tanning systems released by ESB Enterprises, the Avalon 20 has Green Energy functionality so that it has less of an ecological footprint by using less overall power.

The Avalon 24

Adding more lamps to a tanning bed, as you might know, will help your tan appear deeper and darker. This tanning bed has the same pacifica blue finish and metallic silver accents as the other Avalon models, which is always attractive. This bed also uses an electronic ballast system that features a choke start ignition that is very innovative. This unit also has a feature that provides 50 percent more power than standard 16 lamp systems. Using only an 110-volt system, this bed still manages to deliver as much overall power as a 36-lamp system.

The Avalon 32

You can expect a great, dark tan in only about 15 minutes with this particular tanning bed. This 32-lamp bed has a great cooling system that will not only cool you but will also provide a high degree of overall comfort. Once again, you'll find that this uses the Green Energy tech that reduces the cost of running this tanning bed. Additionally, this bed's lamps also grant 1,000 hours of life, which amounts to 20 years of tanning lamp life.

The Galaxy 14

As an excellent tanning bed that won't take up as much space in your home, the Galaxy 14 is very popular. It has a 20-minute runtime and has an attractive black pearl and silver trim that goes with most decors. The dial on this bed is very easy to use and the wiring for this product is standard and uses a Green Energy 120-volt connection. Simply plug it in, set the dial, and tan to a beautiful shade in about 20 minutes.


The Galaxy 18

With four additional lamps, the Galaxy 18 really shines as a great way to quickly tan to the desired amount without overdoing it. It uses Apollo HP tanning lamps to bring you to your desired tanning level and has a simple wiring system like the Galaxy 14. This is a relatively compact tanning bed that won't cost you an arm and a leg; in fact, with its ease of control and Green Energy features, you'll be saving money on your tans.

The Galaxy 22

With 22 high-performance lamps, the Galaxy 22 delivers quite a tanning experience. Its design is stunning and home-friendly and has a great functionality that will see that you're tanning well within a 20-minute period. This is actually ESB Enterprise's number one selling home tanning system in their Select Series of tanning beds. Once again, this bed is easy to quickly plug into any outlet and use at a very budget-friendly price.

The Galaxy 26

Sporting the attractive black pearl and silver trim that is featured in the entire Galaxy Series, the Galaxy 26 tanning bed is a great solution for those who want a commercial-style tan in the comfort of their own homes. With 26 high=powered lamps, the Galaxy 26 will provide an even tan in less than 20 minutes. The interior is designed to feature a high-gloss, mirror finish reflector that ensures that your tan is dark and even across your body. Green and easy to install, this is a great choice for most tanning enthusiasts.

The Galaxy 30 Booth

The best-selling tanning booth from ESB Enterprises, the Galaxy 30 has 30 high-powered, high functionality lamps that are oriented so that you can stand inside and tan at your leisure. This is a great solution for those who don't have space for a horizontal tanning bed. With the number of lamps, you'll only have to tan for about ten minutes a day for an optimal tan. Similarly to the other Avalon products, you won't need an electrician for this tanning bed; it can plug into any 120-volt household outlet.

The Timeless Beauty 26

Our final ESB Enterprise tanning bed is the Timeless Beauty 26. This bed uses some of the most advanced tech in tanning. Not only does it have red visible light lamps for your collagen production, but it also includes specialized lamps that are just for bronzing and use a reduced amount of UVB. These "reddening ray" lamps are a great way to boost vitamin D production in your body. Additionally, there are also pink sections that are designed to more evenly tan your face and arms.

If you have questions or need additional support selecting the right tanning bed please reach to us on email, online chat or the phone. 

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