Smittens Sunless Tanning Applicator and Exfoliation Mitt Set


  • 1999

Smittens Sunless Tanning Applicator and Exfoliation Mitt Set

Product Description:

  • Get a flawless streak free tan from start to finish with the complete Prep and Finish Package, for Face and body.
  • This set includes one complete Applicator mitt set and one complete Exfoliation mitt set, at a special discounted value price.
  • Applicator can be used to apply Sunless Tanning Mousse, Sunless Tanning Solutions, our MoistAire Moisturizer or any Sunless tanner you choose.
  • Give yourself Perfect Prep and a flawless application, for an amazing UV Free Tan!
  • Both Smittens Mitts use multilayered durable bamboo fiber materials with heavy duty reinforced seaming to provide a comfortable and long lasting product.
  • Smitten Applicator Mitt is a padded 5 layer design mitt, making it easy to apply any Sunless Tanning product. The material used, is a velvet like micro-fiber that applies product like glass. Lined with a waterproof liner to protect hands from discoloration, yet completely washable and dry-able for reuse over and over again. Hang loops on body mitts for easy air dry in your shower.


  • The Smitten Self Tanning Applicator Mitt is a premium spa product lined with a waterproof TPU layer, preventing any sunless tanning product from entering the comfortable flexible 5mm sponge layer, maximizing the amount of sunless tanning product used and preventing waste.
  • Our mitts are completely washable for reuse over and over again.


  • Extra long length, flat finish reinforced seams with soft stitch finish provides comfort with durability for years of use.


  • Mitt materials are made from renewable Bamboo fibers. Unlike cotton or other fabrics, bamboo is a naturally antibacterial, anti fungal and odor resistant fiber, through multiple washing.
  • Bamboo, when compared to cotton or polyester materials, has a high breaking tenacity, better moisture-wicking properties, and better moisture absorption.
  • Bamboo material is biodegradable in the environment; natural, renewable, sustainability sourced, and eco- friendly.

    Directions for use:

    Applicator Mitts:

    • Insert hand into the mitt. Apply self tanning mousse, or lotion to the mitt and evenly smooth it onto the areas that you want to cover in long gliding movements. For spray self
      tanners, apply the spray to skin and use the mitt to smooth. For liquid solutions, fill a pump or trigger spray bottle with liquid, spray skin or mitt, and blend onto skin surface.
    • Once you are finished with application, rinse mitt well in warm water
      until water runs clear. Place mitt over a bottle or hang it up to air dry. May also be machine washed and dried as needed.
    • Once mitt is completely dry, place it back into the reusable pouch.
    • Mini mitt can be used in the same way for the face and other small areas of the body. Apply the product to the mitt and evenly smooth it onto the areas that you want to cover.

    Exfoliate Mitts:

    • Wet the mitt to soften, and apply soap, body wash or gel cleanser of your choice. Gently rub and massage your face and body using a gentle pressure and circular overlapping motion. Adjust pressure based on skin sensitivity level, or skin thickness area. Skin may redden or flush, but should not hurt or bleed or feel irritated. Adjust exfoliation level per your skin needs.
    • For a deeper exfoliation, do not use soap, body wash or gel. Relax in a bath tub or steamy shower for 10 minutes without using any oils or cleansers. Then wet mitt and use in a circular overlapping motion.
    • Rinse mitt and allow to air dry before placing back into storage box. May be machine washed. Please air dry, machine dry is not recommended.

    Package Includes:

    • Large full body Exfoliation mitt (1 each)
    • Exfoliation finger Mini Mitt for face or small areas (1 each)
    • Sunless Tanning Applicator mitt (1 each)
    • Application Mini Mitt for face or small areas (1 each)
    • Retail box, safety sealed, with storage tray (2 count)

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