Norvell Overspray Reducing Floor Fan Replacement Filter - WASH & REUSE

Norvell Overspray Reducing Floor Fan Replacement Filter - WASH & REUSE


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Norvell Overspray Reducing Floor Fan Replacement Filter - Rinse and Reuse Filter


  • 16" x 16" x 1" Rinse and Reuse Fan Filter

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    Filter Care:

    1. Carefully remove the filter from your equipment.
    2. Using low-pressure and cool/warm water only, rinse the filter from the CLEAN SIDE OUT in order to flush the overspray from the filter.  Continue to rinse until water runs clear and all traces of bronzer and overspray build up are gone.  Do NOT attempt to run filter though washing machine as it may affect the filter shape and performance.
    3. Once you have completed rinsing the filter, carefully shake the excess water from the filter.  Do NOT wring, twist or fold filters as this may alter the shape and hinder installation.
    4. ***IMPORTANT*** Allow the filter to COMPLETELY AIR DRY before reinstalling into equipment.  (You can decrease the drying time by running air through the filter using your HVLP turbine hose with the gun removed).

    Norvell recommends keeping a second set of filters on hand for use in-between cleanings.

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